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Questions & Answers

Why don't you accept simultaneous submissions?

Our response time is pretty fast, and simultaneous submissions are annoying because too often they mean we waste time reading and discussing a work that is no longer available to us to publish.

What is your response time?

We make our best effort to respond within three months. If three months have passed, please feel free to send us a query.

How many poems should I submit?

Please submit no less than four poems. We think it is best to publish a few poems by each poet, it gives everyone a better sense of your work.

What type of poetry do you accept?

We have no set style, theme, or topic. For an idea of what we gravitate towards take a look at what we have published in the past. We are really just looking for poems that excite us.

Will I get paid?

We would love to pay our authors, they deserve it, but our income is $0 —we take a loss on running GlitterPony. (we don't pay authors)

Where do I send my coverletter?

You don't need to. We are happy you have a history and maybe even interested in it, but we aren't interested in where you were published and stuff like that when we are considering your poems.

Your stupid form doesn't let me submit what I want to send you!

Please email us if you have a poem that for one reason or another doesn't work with our system.

Can I just email my submission then?

Unless the submission is impossible to send through the normal route the answer is no. The system we've set up minimizes headaches for us and you during the proofing stages of publication. Submissions emailed without need will be quietly discarded.

Do you re-publish poetry?

Generally no. But if you have something please send us an email and we'll talk about it.

What rights does GlitterPony get if you publish my poem(s)?

Depends (see above). Nothing special or different about our contracts from other poetry journals. We have a standard contract which basically gives us the right to publish the poem and use your name. You keep the rest of the rights. If your poem is accepted you'll have a chance to review the contract and (of course) it is your right to reject it, but that's never happened.

What if I still have questions?

Please send them to us!