Rachel B. Glaser

Me and Lena are twins and have been the whole time. For Halloween we used to be Siamese in a big shirt, until Aunt Kay thought it offensive. Lena used to choose what we wore, but then she started to dress tight. Now we are basically adults. We have our driver's licenses and could smoke if we wanted to. We are best friends and understand with no communication. When she has a pimple I'm extra conscience of my face, like I'm looking at it. Whenever I picture something romantic and naked, like when I'm trying to get my dreams off to a good start, I picture her the one getting done. It only makes sense, or else how am I getting that view? (the side view) (or over the shoulder) So Lena does the thing with neighborhood boys and movie men and even strangers she meets in the park. She is a slut in these thoughts, but the thoughts are mine, and she is me, so no harm done, just a lot of fun. I assumed she did the same, pictured me getting romantic in her place, but no, she says she pictures her too, and I try not to let this hurt me, but it does.