Rachel B. Glaser
Linda Zimmerman who is Dead

left my dog to breed
she doesn't know how the Guitar has evolved over time
she knows nothing

Linda Zimmerman who is dead
asked me to do her a favor, but those days I didn't pay attention
my girlfriend was sad about weight
what do I do? I asked everyone

Linda wasn't a friend, but she was around
my girlfriend was fat and I didn't know why that was bad

I hung out at the pilot's bar on the tarmac, because there
everyone left you alone
there was little sex at that bar, it was behaved

I'd go home and try to tell my girlfriend how the guitar has evolved over time
I'd tell her "you look like a guitar"
and she'd cry and cry
"this part here, sits on my leg like a sexy woman guitar"
she would lay catatonic on the bed and I would continue
because my own voice soothes me

"at first the guitar was really skinny-
in the dark ages, it wasn't even hollow
it was tiny, it was wobbly, it had a horsehair string"