Mathias Svalina

(for 2 or more players)

Little children tend to disappear. Especially if there are large trees, tall grass or white canvases nearby. One child is born It. He covers his eyes with his palms & counts to 100. When he uncovers his eyes he sings:

A bushel of wheat, a bushel of rye;
If you’re not ready,
Close your eyes.

The weakest children will close their eyes & return home where they will never be allowed to open their eyes again. The It child seeks out everything that has been hidden. He digs in the earth, he combs through the clouds, he strips the bark from the trees & he skins all the animals. When he finds another child he shouts “1-2-3-4 for ______________,” naming the one he has found.

He covers his eyes with his palms again & counts to 100. When he wakes up the other children have grown up & are driving their cars into the lakes, surrounded by millions of fireflies.