Mathias Svalina
Crossing the Brook

(for 2 or more players)

If you draw two lines on the asphalt, about 2 feet apart then a brook will spring up between the lines. Children will then run in groups & try to jump the brook. They will scream as they are running. They will scream as they are jumping. If they land in the brook they must run home & change their stockings.

The successful jumpers are guided into a white bus & driven to wider & wider brooks. The last child to make a jump is the winner. Those that fall into the brooks must run home to change their stockings. But they are so far from home & the driver of the white bus will not speak to them. There is a light in the forest. Is that a distant fire or the buttery windows of a warm farmhouse? It is difficult to tell from here, where the sleet has just begun to fall.