Noah Eli Gordon
from Bohr's Model

If we consider any molecular process, the result seems always to be that after a certain

amount of energy characteristic for the systems in question is radiated out, the systems

will again settle down in a stable state of equilibrium, in which the distances apart of the

particles are of the same order of magnitude as before the process.

                                                                               —Niels Bohr, 1913



latching on brief ruptures akin to

a scene of more guarantees

at least although admittedly because

of my grading policy I

am unfit for the job

an historical approach to dawn

where an oblong shape as

analog recording and another quiet

hyacinth desire to photograph an

apple split and please continue

I wasn’t reading spiritual manuals

my subsequent ability to navigate

supposing one gather together whatever

impossibly pictorial image is content

with animal unspecifics another great

movement stripped and anything remotely

explanatory although I appear arc

around a logical formation around

your most heartfelt intensions artifice

is an emotion the school

a coherent governed precedence allowing

any motif one might as

classic mean a citizen meaningful

the evening in as much

scrutiny as standing predatory display

notwithstanding improbably as sun again

disappears over this fear of

the ashtray please would you

mind ask questions and then

assume responsibility at another hour

I’m not sure at least

something authentic is launched at

this point more or less

perfunctorily because a public

grace becomes argument for momentum

to burst from being exemplary

I suppose between impossibly negotiating

transgressive and guiding territories

get in the way characters

shutter a bit land on

something bound back break again

bubbles down middle building’s entrance

automation in like sounds like

this mulch so showboat exemplifying

but that sentence makes an

expansionist idea about author privileges

improv public face’s call list

as important to its neighbor

can call them and canopy

at least near Carnegie Hall carnivorous

idle walking here ink’s itself

already miniature feeling cement truck’s

sustained low rumble he said

centralize fear of the cycle

forced to walk around circumstances

making the window coalesce body

darkening compartmentalized complacency come full

circle standing concepts construing temperament

you call this contiguity concept

to disregard ceiling’s glass dome

inward model partake of assumption

its deployment then traditional claims

some recorders employ doubtful creation

and surmounts crop ravaged stance

cut sharply dated could figure

debris describe white blur design

leaves these marks digital film

or maybe dignity just enough

diminishing directive aimed at you

register itself as discourse waste

when not display morphing divergent

concerns from fledgling documentary filming

closer to subjects being able

dot dot dot dry irrelevancy

better figure earns indefinite article

regardless eases us so echoing

or weak any missing embedded

emotional as a brick wall

proof instrument panels remain silent

wildness which is schoolhouse authority

if in paying close attention

the deployment of God’s big

green hand seems wholly a

Midwestern phenomenon then perhaps one

is doing just that which

is to say the airport

in Frankford shall as colossal

disappointment always register itself as

useful fodder for one’s incessant

and overly animalistic desire to

disregard this notice and please

continue to disregard this notice

and please continue I wasn’t

pacing back there was I

because a public grace is

near unattainable condition in which

we collectively float toward and

she never even learned to

swim but swallowing chamomile pills

almost surreptitiously guarantees at least

as much scrutiny as standing

on one shore and looking

at another I’m not sure

that last line matters I

wasn’t pacing back there was

I continue please and notice

this disregard to whatever one

proposes as the latest craze

of substantive adherence and simplistic

acquiescence to wallpaper wallpaper wallpaper

wallpaper wallpaper wallpaper wallpaper look

imaginatively at a pineapple and

disappear look imaginatively at a

pineapple and disappear the poem

isn’t interested in helping you

welcome the next page where

words in each line and

again brief ruptures of the

display fruit out of which

the lack of any juice

becomes argument for an entirely

new negative sublime one might

posture what huh good morning

don’t touch me notice how

there was no juice from

that so I am always

being exemplary I suppose let

this be a valuable lesson

to future readers are you

relaxed then and equals prepare

yourself this might continue for

several hours prepare yourself this

might continue for several hours

I suggest paying close attention

to your breathing or condensing

the idea down to a

handful of petals as they

fall from the perfect picture

of what can only be

after all some flower decorative

as any motif one might

thread through the mind’s surface

until the outer most layer

is tethered to inner by

what one can actually touch

itself a form of writing

or organizing the elements of

a thought into the needle

that is able to pierce

and thus gather together whatever

divergent concerns pass from fledgling

form to full adulthood gratuitously