Lauren Spohrer
My 3 Dads

The Symbolic Father is not a real person but more like a position or a
function. The symbolic father is also called the dead father, or the father
of the primal horde who has been murdered by his own sons. He's first. You
remember Georges F. Doriot, that handsome transplanted Frenchman, the father
of Venture Capitalism. The Imaginary Father is an imago, the composite of
all the imaginary constructs that you built up around the guy. This
imaginary construction often bears little relationship to the guy as he is
in real life. The imaginary father can be an ideal, fun father or the
opposite, "the father who has fucked you up." I'm thinking about J. Franklin
Hyde, the father of silicones, the father of Dow Corning, basically.
Finally, The Real Father is the famed agent of castration. He is the one who
says, "I will watch Bad Santa with you anytime, anywhere." The real father
thinks girl softball players are hot. One example is Albert Hofmann, the
father of LSD. Or Shigeru Miyamoto, the father of Donkey Kong, Mario, Zelda
and, most recently, the Wii.