Lauren Spohrer

Frankie said he spent most of the night on "the old cut throat." The men
already knew about Frankie's serious agitations from the domestic workers,
who said he asked them to hold tight and menstruate. He asks it of all his
maids and nanny girls and tells them that having a good body is what makes
them human, since no other living thing has the capacity to do it. Frankie
is no dummy about the body. For a woman, having a good body is like a
second self or a friend. The logs began to come down between 8 and 9
o'clock, accompanied by ice, and as the endless line of timber rolled down
over the apron of the falls, thousands of men watched with interest from the
bridge and other commanding points. But Frankie never joined his men, he
just stayed inside waiting for his maids and nanny girls to finish their
barbecue sandwiches.