Jennifer H. Fortin
from Mined Muzzle Velocity

Dear, January


I've travelled to a new emotional lodge, I

write you from it. You skewer me, you

suspend me & I am not clear; that's okay

for now? How are your emotions—

cosmopolitan? Metabolizing, bucking?

Maintain, velvety edge.


Talked with another traveller yesterday:

she said she Almost forgot about

the theory of evolution. Moving, as much

as any animal power.


Problematic—we tend to equate

intellectual abilities with the ability

to read & write. Dilemma tales, trickster

tales to tell. Attended a weaving workshop.

Looms clacked while bush fires nearby

cracked. Workers there got paid not by

hours worked, but by cloth produced.

You work 4 contraptions with bare feet

& weave with your hands. You can't do it.




Tonight I will take any host family out

for a thank-you dinner. We will go to

Chances. Busy, tired, learning, engulfed.

Tomorrow I may depart again, board

some bumpy bus.


Soon: Yrs.