Jennifer H. Fortin
from Mined Muzzle Velocity

Dear, January


As someone aware of inspiration

of the limp, I know you face some

extremely difficult situations. Impairment

can alter how we increase. Impairment

can branch off into span. Impairment can

eat the optimal. Impairment can point you

out as the primary culprit, can ask: who is

the sufferer? Impairment is survey.

Impairment still likes crops & bounding

into roads. Impairment's density is like

the non-trees between other trees. Fence,

trap, repel, transfer. Experiments in

monitor & less hoofing it.

Radiating roads position one well

for military action. It is cold here,

& I don't have filters left in my drawer.

I feel April's deft slide under my anxious.





Asked you to consider taxes. Did you?

The seasons will turn, as thought & back.

We charge only those aware of violation.

As we already confirmed: you are aware

of a type of inspiration. Will you

recognize your life's loudest noise

when you hear it? Superlatively, Yrs.