Jennifer H. Fortin
from Mined Muzzle Velocity

Dear, January

Don't you like to learn new facts, mined

& specific? Explode out reports.

I think I do. Relating, being held

accountable. Learn about the hunters

in order to exact revenge.


Dear, do you overpopulate? Organize

about it. May I suggest you draft

a new constitution & peer ever-vigilant.

All affairs are to be taken seriously.


People tend to remember last times if

prodded. If too long goes by, will you

Sometimes expression = inescapable! But capable?

forget the last time? The last time we

saw each other. Or they embed,

burrowing parasites, live dependently


& harm. Declare your independence?

Let's each report on the enemy crouch.

Brainstorm, use trees & clouds to think.





I knew you'd appreciate the flipside

of this. Subsets can be beautiful

& surprise. Basically, Yrs.