Amanda Nadelberg
The Flower Poem
A road was flowers 
a smelling procession.
There a cold lake. There,
flowers. Where you
want them. The animals
swim well and they will.
The organizer! Takes
naps in the flowers by the
lake. Absolute belief in
sound. The flowers one by
one. Put petals in the
mouth and nap well. This
is what happens to people.

The flowers not without
commitment or contract they
go to the fields
with beast and sound. Some
flowers fall in with
the corn. They make
with the corn a new
impermanence. The flowers
rest empty riverbeds
the flowers, good
animals. Oh omnipotence! The
flowers and their talk the
flowers to the wind.

Arrangements. If flowers
sit, the boat on dry land,
still in a boat
these children:
First Child: Those girls are so annoying
Second Child: Which girls
First Child: Those girls in the water
Second Child: Those girls think they're so sexy
First Child: Yeah they're so annoying
Second Child: I stuck my tongue out at one of them
First Child: Let's go in the water cause you can't hear in the water

That kind of confidence,
hibiscus, flowers
on their way. Nettled.
Opulence. Party arrangements.
An eatery, a field.
The enemied
flowers. In the country
past the field. Winning
arguments. Plenty
divorce. The spectacle:
living things kissing
things in foreign languages.

A) They all want a complete
report on what happened.

B) Perfection may be perfect
but the hell with it.

C) All these people in this town,
this Smithville—
they don't go to church
and they come out at night.