Amanda Nadelberg
In Normally


Which is far away, cab rides
are the most fun.

Forget seatbelts. Don’t let yourself
be fixed to any thing that isn’t

a person. The ladder the second story
window and the ice cream

store is a store for god’s sake
not a house. Who ever

rang a doorbell for ice cream.
Not in Normally we have

a box of things sky things
for the making. Wait for the

wind to die and lay them down
the apartment floor. The

wind mischievous. The
windy haircut. We are

no longer friends. If you thought
it could go on this way forever

you were mistaken. Shellfish. Wait
for the hot thing to cool. Difficult

tenses these days are. All I know
is that you looked like people

say death, and we hadn’t had the
party yet. I held hands but I can’t

remember who. Who knew we were gonna be such
dancers. Just another time, a party, not my living room

but a party nonetheless, boogie boards
and shitty girls just looking for a fight.


Went rafting on the river myself. I was comfortable in my waterproof suit.
Came out like a ball on a mini golf course. Red ball last hole.