Bruce Covey
Reveal 134: Spice
Anise: Being mentioned by Dioscorides and Pliny Cardamom: Start with all surnames in the family tree Cinnamon: And a worthy sequel to nonsense madness Clove: There has been an amazing drop on the blue tooth Coriander: And waste places and by the sides of rivers Cumin: This may lead to considerable confusion. For example, Dill: Has also done research in asynchronous circuit verification & Ginger: Demonstrates the vision to bridge the last mile Marjoram: Often in conjunction with qualifying adjectives Nutmeg: And dipped in lime to prevent their growth Pepper: Blue horizon, good shit. I drove from 11 to 3 Saffron: Both for its bright orange-yellow color & Sesame: For the chance to ride the rotten bumper cars Turmeric: Exciting warmth in the mouth and coloring the saliva