Seth Parker
Sudden House

I got a lemon this morning

rang it red
my hide he rang
I caught a gal you love
I grabbed up my suitcase
I tuck out 
I walked up right close
I said cut out a dowry 
I said go, lay in your judgment day
I was standing around a burial ground
You know I did all the love
Well, I fool up Mom
I said fan well
You Mormons feel so bad 
I didn’t have a soul
the soul-arms around
I didn’t feel so bad till gun or sun went down
ain’t slaying factions
it ain’t sun affection
just hugging pillows 
I said “sool” this morning
I hung in a pillow
I got up this morning pleating 
sooed this morning feeling around for my shoe
oh hush
thought I heard a corn-wind name



Pizza of Death

I was practically dripping in this dream

there’s only one Bedouin ghost

and there’s only one middle of flame going when you say Geronimo

and I love you for that

Hi-Ho Silver and I hold Selma set foot tat

and I hold Selma in a tender-foot trap

and there’s only one medal’s way to gold

and we’re singing

and there’s only Juan

metal wagon ghost

and there’s only wood



Shed Your Peebles

When the baby looks downtown

He's a stranger

'til it's stun-kissed confusion laid to the side 'til the morning comes

A palace of the key
Leaders take a stall away from the collard-deep

Canaan learned to love each other
Stomp the mud and change the wave back to laxatives

The bell through when you heard the ring
Hung up in the pens
Confined around like a knife

Something hugged me in the soil
To upset even Royce's shank

You blow up

Don't vomit in my holiday
Your butt set even Moses shaking

Your butt before my eyes
It's so strange

Something funky in the soil
Young wand

I saw a black branch dripping
Men with their hamburgers bleeding

A ladder all crumpled with tears
Tongs were all broken

A heart-rain
Hams that were blazing

I heard one burp

Who died in the butter?

Well, I walked to the death
Where the people are mayonnaise

The Moloch-door with me had a heel or hues
I could load some dishes down in Macon, Georgia

Well the train is all of love
Watch it circle and fall on everybody who don't die

Jesus showed the average goon-boy brain

Well the rain fell down on my funeral face
I'm a train of songs
You could strangle and fall on everybody who want to roll down

Sitting on a claw
Tangled in a song you know that you want to