Mike Young
You Must Motherfucking Change Your Life

To be present in the world doesn't make you

a present to the world. Some people do have beautiful

shoulders, yeah, this is a condition known as being easy

to weep on. Belief = imagination you gave up measuring.

Rows of humongous cement tubes outside a nightly

donut stop. A fortune teller waits for the portapotty.

To guess what song the jogger’s using. No, you're

moving it. The driver announces each stop to her

empty bus. I want to be able to say you can’t ever

say what will happen to you on a given day in the

same way I want to go skinny dipping with eight

attractive friends without first consuming a relatively

expensive amount of convincing. There’s no moving

on. On top of, maybe? You tell me. Obvious = in the

way. Look it up if you don’t believe me. Meanwhile,

that person you see so often you go “oh, a new pair

of antlers.” But you still haven’t met them. You’re their

them, Jim Bo. To make someone weep and still have that

playing as you watch someone else make a courageous

estimate in the crosswalk. To be present in the world

doesn’t mean the world will mention you along the

way. I want to be able to weep outside my nightly

fortune like it’s a given. Give up conditioning and

guess. There. Isn’t it great to get that out of the way?