Matt L. Rohrer
High School Eternal:

It’s hard to make your body tingle using just your free will

And ecstasy makes me real emotional


Can I borrow a dollar for a cup of noodle? said the identity poem


And everyone has a story

Like the time in science class

On the second floor someone threw a basketball

Right through the window


It landed in the hoop on the playground

It really happened


Glass sparkled around the rim like diamonds


Every Cupcake is an Act of Violence:


Every visit to the pumpkin patch

Evokes in me a tremendous sense of loss


I was born in the summer of 1983

When everything was golden


Every time I write my name and the date

I remember that all of us are dying


Can you pierce my ear with a paperclip?

Color my hair with a red sharpie?


When will I be able to go into a store

And just take and take and take?