Maia Elgin
One Right Whale

Jennifer lost a shoe to the ocean on a swampy coast which floods sometimes causing havoc when Jennifer texts the Ice-thing it is because she is flooding Jennifer is desirous of: #1.) an Ice-berg #2) a small island #3) the barnacled back of every right whale fits on one page in nat geo because they are the right whales to kill Jennifer wonders—well, what kind of whale am I?

Butterfly Boy vs. The Ice-Thing

Jennifer loves the Ice-Thing for the sweet monarch (Butterfly Boy) cocooned in his throat growing&growing&growing&growing she places a finger where Butterfly Boy sleeps it is warm and exotic in that place just south of the Ice-Thing’s apple with a subtle pulsing a ba-dump of its own Jennifer if you are so sure you love the Ice-Thing why do you dream only of his Butterfly Boy?

Jennifer Cannot Fly

Butterfly Boy stands on Jennifer shoulders so he can feel the wind on his proboscis. Jennifer wants a piece of cloud, but she asks Butterfly Boy instead for a beautiful lie, the kind of lie that is like an invisible ladder but even from the very top rung you are unable to reach a piece of cloud.