Heather Christle

Journeying through our apartment I saw ants working

They just had no idea

You called them single-minded and I thought yes

I thought what does that look like in my brain

I was having a lightshow

Outside everything was falling off the trees

who like to draw

In that way and in others they are elephants

So enormous!     Halfway underground

The day was a crown we were all wearing

the trees and you     the single-minded ants

We worked and showered and rested by decree

We could see our domain     Our domain glowing

a lavender glow I did not mind


It Feels Like It Is on Purpose

You are everywhere in our home

The little stickers with your name

and our address     pictures of fruit

or birds     and just now

I was reading and stopped

and used your checkbook

to mark my place

It is the nature of things

to be used in some other way

When today I leave the house

I hope someone will see me

and use me as an example

of a person not thinking

about what is utmost

in his own mind

and without my knowing it

“the not-thinking person”

will be what I primarily am

and the world will go on lightly turning

with its millions of small adjustments

that make space for us

that let us get through