Emily Pettit

Today the barbarian has fifteen minutes  

of fame. We think how can we explode this?  

Forget it. The barbarian is a fake barbarian.   

The barbarian is really a miniature librarian.  

Now you are so unhappy. A storytelling of crows.  

Generating mistakes. Generating more mistakes.  

Geometry is everywhere! I have said of being fine,  

There is good news and there is bad news, though  

the difference may feel confused. Oh illusive perspective! 

You do what you don't want to do. You do  

what you don't want to do. The results are  

stunning and grotesque. It’s a gross circus.  

It is not an important and enduring legacy.  

It's an aggressive loss. Sometimes you scare yourself.  

You fear you might be the most ridiculous  

person you know. How are your observational  

skills? If only it were an exciting experiment. 

There was a house. There was a neighbor.  

There was a series of distressing and destructive  

events. Is the other house being hostile? Houses  

fight. Houses fight like giraffes. They stand  

side by side, facing the same dark street. 


There is Something Human About Wanting to Hold a Fork That Size

I hate your watermelon. Someone might 

say that. A jolt to the forehead.  

What makes the breakdown taste like this?  

Your bones are new every eight years.  

The shadow good and beloved, someone says.  

That the shadow might be shy is an idea.  

The key you are waiting to catch. Double 

nothing. You think about how you are holding 

your hands. Just remember, someone  

really loves forks. I describe the fool that falls.  

I have a thing, thing. I like things like that.  

It’s like, Bird, that piece of bread is too big for you!  

The dancing was good. It was shiny.  

Someone might say that. You are funny  

sitting over there with your different memories.  

No one looks like you when you look like that.  

There is a wrong way to be sad. Stop  

pointing at me. I am being remarkably funny. 

Falling is a common fear. Have you recovered? 

It feels like a time to be reasonable. You think. 

I think differently. 






The Heart is my Favorite Organ But Not Because it is Grand

This is what the doctor says. Power and precious 

materials. A momentary disruption of consciousness. 

The heart will only allow for a moment.  

It is concerned with size and size and size. It is  

concerned with humors. We are waiting for  

the weather. We hope you are not short shelter.  

I have some news for the change in my pocket.  

Rate, rhythm, axis, interval and wave forms.  

In that order often. Knowledge of the immediate  

past passing so quickly away. At night outside the train is  

another inside of the train. An inevitable process of  

adjustment. The conducting system of the heart. 

Let's talk about popular astronomy. Your field of vision 

a dark area in it. More great stories of ancient lands. 

Astronomy lands on your hands. Hands that can  

hold how this hurts. Concerned with objects.  

An organ is an object. The heart and human affairs  

and stars and holes, all concerned with objects.  

Calculate a location. Let it linger. I want to drum 

that drum.