Elizabeth Witte

         Ammunition carried with   the killer  

inside.   We sleep on the soft soft mattress. 

Wrap with lace eyelet coverlet.   Ladylike

trigger.   On the edge of the newly paved

highway a bear cub   small deer   sprawled. 

Debt, a History

Your conqueror has the right to kill you. Will, often.


Back to ancient when there was no particular silver.


But silver was rarely used as solid. Rejoinder. Money


habit paid in years with bad harvests. Disseminated


misfortunes, the great stretching birth generalized


reason.   Did not crumble, was put away crudely. 

The Non-Stop Solving of Crimes

This is an emphasis, this a whisper. This is said by another party.

The address was mapped point by point. Visited in person. In persons.  


I offered     sit where you wanted.   In your house.   Come, a visit. 


The wheels of the car ease our transport. Our traveling.  Pleasant.  

The saw to make cutting easier.   This is a body. This an arm.  


Back two years you were where?

Slow Movers




Slow movers sink in the wetlands

nothing but ingest and expel. 




The daylight before dark is estuary

before desert is desert. Everything

kept dries or mouth keeps closed.




If eagles disappoint what is there?

The prowess of dogs, their endurance

on the hunt.  A long open chase made.




Each raised to accept noise as action

will. Will realize the refraction. Flank

wanting touch to touch, folds back in.