Dara Wier
To Find an Object Blindfolded

Take one of your friends into your confidence.

Arrange with him that you will have a knife


Or a watch and you will leave those

Near the hidden object.


Have everyone else go on one side of whatever

Room you are in.  Maybe a drawing room.


Maybe a parlor.

Blindfold your friend.


Take your friend out of the room.

Turn the gas low, so if his bandage slips


He cannot even see so well.

Now hide any object given by anyone


Else left in the room.

When he sees either the knife


Or the watch he will know

That any object hidden


Near is the one.

This makes no sense at all.


The Strange Sensation of Having Moved Through The Past Almost But Not Completely All Alone

It's true.

It's not easy to remember everyone everyone's encountered in the past.

It's probably a good idea to think of those close encounters as the wind.

You, you , you, truly you, were there all alone.

They were a wind that brushed or flew or passed or blew or stormed by you, as truly as

Anything ever did.


Now that you drag your past into your future.

You know it. You drag it with you.

You have no one else there with you to verify your existence.

Oh well, no matter, it's not as if nothing didn't happen.

Everything happened.

And that is verifiably true.


It seems kind of lonesome in the past.

But that's just another kind of sentimental obfuscation.

I know you were with me there all along.

We know we were with one another in the sweetest ways.

You know I was right there by your side.

We know we were us right there and then.











Fair Shake

Who was the bride?

Who was the groom?


What did the lover do when he asked the questions?

How was the promise sealed?


To whom did she refer him?

What minister married them?


What did they use to drape the church?

On what were they hung?


What time was the wedding?

What did her mother and sisters do?


What gentlemen friends grieved at the wedding?

What did they hide under their coats?


Who furnished the music?

Who was the best man?


Which bridesmaid came from over the hill?

What did the groom wear?


Who lighted the church?

What guest occupied the back pew at the wedding?


Who signed the certificate?

What did she say to her girl friends?


What did the guest throw after them?

What happened when the train st