Daniela Olszewska
@the Dancehall

you know i try
out w/the astrals

mentioned in passing. 
my top

half went daisy
cutter weeks ago—

it was rather

the heavy-breathed
ballerina cultivated

a weak spot
on my wrist

while yr segues,
they petaled

in violent pastels.

Because I Already Know Everything There Is To Know About Our Government’s Involvement In Alien Abductions

it turns out all
these spaceclouds
+ all these silos
are part of a subterranean
plan to spread
eagle you in a cornfield
like an inalienable right,
like everyone at the roller
rink was only pretending
to forget yr birthday,
like, ask me
anything: hands sweaty
w/mid-july, room
shiny mid-ways
thru a night that just
got really fucking weird.

She’s Eating Dirt Like It’s Cake


     like most other birds, the female goose possesses a unique reproductive system located on the left side of its abdomen.

+ terrible at flirting.
many miracles happened,

but they didn’t fix
anything bothering up

the back of an esophageal
splintering since before

anyone ever reckoned
to give her some micromath.

spoil liver; swole feet.
all month, i’ve been girl-

-sad for any goose
whose job it is to push

gold out a terrorhole
as tiny as that one over there.