Bruce Covey
Plating 1.0

Don't you just love burning magnesium & being blind?
Your hands are a gentle vibration, without fractions.
10 principles every spice girl rains, an open bar
Crazy in the works.  If you're not up for peeps,
You're not up for making buttons and magnets.
Sometimes bitchy, a coffee date will knock off
Your butterflies and wildly vulgar.  If you're not up
For soggy, handmade and hammered, blue ice
Will break your tangy metal lighter, windproof
Housekeeping & organization.  Afterwards,
Digital, a girl with yellow eyes tries to beat out
The emeralds, tries to get a kiss.  If you're up for
Under construction gelatin.  If you're open throat
An ounce.  This morning, mirrored, the problem is
The ramblings are gold.  Thinking of you,
Photographs of fucking & nude wallpaper,
If you're up for unhinging.  The last typewriter film,
Flood of a lifetime, sprouting paper, slowly in purple.



Reveal 41: Work

But garlic, licorice, & cucumber

That can be rolled up for storage? 

Why must you shake down mercury?

It tears itself into countless little cubes

Helps you find & land & bushings into Bo Peep

To modernize & boost jobs & pensions.


Sending lava flows across the city

(Red, lower image) from the perspective

Of looking “heel” to find solid boards

After her supervisor handed out copies

The off-shoring wave is a depleting monster

Orange paid from your home can’t find it?

What is an economical way to overcome

Geographical limitations?  How over are you?