Billy Cancel
From the Slime Adhering to Each Propeller

from the slime adhering to each propeller they seem to gather
their nutrients. once tracking happiness you were led to beautiful
forests gang graffiti scratched on every trunk. if layers of peat
thicken above me i’ll dream of red lining each butterfly. angel
dust bargaining chip mars quake gene slice so the home defense
is not producing & starting to tire. because many wild flowers
on roadside you further down the inactive stretch perhaps a faux
documentary in the offing. attained your zenith in low pressure
troughs but i loved you nonetheless nimbus upon the edge of rain.
if they feasted on wheat germ what kind of fangs would they have?

Lavender Pink Teal Your Rush They Grid

lavender pink teal your rush they grid. never crystallized nor exceeded the sum
so i awoke in a field of broom grass. bloody noses golden mile some will merge
with iron clad. all you’re good for is cheating the boss & drunken singing honey
glaze. i was the best dancer in the world in this town. a curious motion south of
song shall be named because of its red sediment. beyond the distant crest a tiny
church spire but now you have been years no doubt in the pattern. the fruit never
fell far from my mouth. gas lamp kerosene lamp incandescent lamp neon lamp
florescent lamp it’ll be a serious problem. the continuity of your execution has
never once been broken for a single day. into my skin i rubbed years. even that
won’t be the whole story of radiant energy. lavender pink teal your rush they grid.

If I Could Only Thrive Upon Such Grass Land Antithesis

if i could only thrive upon such grass land antithesis they would never disallow
such a spread. all the intersections at red angel market will become unfeasible so
you’ll effectively be whipping shadows. gather here at green avenue the knights
of mould calendar suggested before we’re all overwhelmed by yet another’s grind.
mermaid / sewing kit = fish tail + monkey but such reference won’t get me close
to you propellant. somewhere sometime a determined tempo you & an underground
escape chant are gonna overlap they must. master choker sat beneath his soaking
white overhang well aware beyond the confetti was displacement’s brutal hold.
as guest editor of this month’s lockjaw magazine i’ve included a sexy swamphood
remix a quick dust around the spectrum & further memoirs of the withered trap.

Adele Amongst Blue Bells Everything Counts

adele amongst blue bells everything counts the glaze the awakening marrowless
towns insufficent visor & no feasible intersect multi-layered blanks choreographed
anger. once you too crossed something that'd glimpsed the surface & got secret #12. 
shuddering wheat field by yellow moon a picture i saw when i passed through flooded
towns river banks burst passed through flooded towns the army entrenched. specific
dust & your spiteful snappish little wretch is market ready for the next shadow waltz
divine stratagem bloodless restart governmentears you kept yourself entangled by
such energies whilst others stuck their noses in the earth until quit of it. blue devil
this is not a penniless wander down the shithread but a careful approach towards
another in which the velocity of light is different & won’t once revert to lamp & verb.