Eileen Myles

It’s beautiful. I mean

it’s beautiful here

but the thing

is it is beautiful.

The peach sky is beautiful

and black outlines

of the branches

and the leaves

look I even

hesitate but it doesn’t

matter if it all comes

at once or breaks

down slow. Catch this

honking or the rumbling

of the world. Last

night in “Different

Streets” which I didn’t

bother to write I made

the point that the two

places are connected

that it’s

great where you are too

and boom boom rumble

all the places are connected

thus the endless

beauty. And I have been

beaten & suffered and you

have too. Whoop whoop

listen to that someone

getting arrested. Someone

caught, someone’s heart

just stopped. Someone

else holding the bag.

I wrote something else

about the day holding me

and me holding you. A car

passes like a big breath.

It’s what I’ve got: all these

things and I hand them

to you like sex in the city.

My ideal. Our endless

sound. Our connection.

Listen to all your voices now.