David Kaufmann
Moving Sale

and how to make pictures of the weather

Nobody can tell   We stumble

—Larry Eigner


If lingering means anything so wait. If

Temperature’s an indicator

So lead. Performing the time so

Dance. With due respect and diligence.

With earnest salutation with interest. If

Leaving is significant so farewell

Song it’s been good to know you. It

Has been. For a while

I feel like crying. Then I don’t.

The miracle’s a weeping statue and a single

Tear a theater of attention


And nothing more.

I’m always impressed

By the whites of their eyes

The not-quite-green of March.

A fuzz around the edges. The damp

Reassertion of the indeterminate

Year.  Plant has his room flower

Its place. It is both words

And architecture

Noise and air


Their lofty extenuations

Of space.  This is all getting too

Abstract. We have to move

It’s all about money. We lived

Here for years. We’re awful and

Aware of the party next

Door. They are making it they

Are making time they are

Making it hard to leave

Us alone. We’re going to move

Give us credit


Where money is due.  It is moral

And financial it

Is authentic it is the image

Of the system hurtling

Through space with Superman

In the capsule only. He wants

To become a chef. Please stop

The train like a bullet we ask

Him please let us off

As best as you can.



What is fact it turns

Out isn’t necessarily

Human. Believe

It this mishegass isn’t nature’s

Project.  Rock Creek melts

Early if it freezes

At all the Potomac has

Melted fish are the only

Bubbles and maybe a slight rise

In the level of the stream.


I don’t know if there’s

A patent on the leaf Thoreau but

We understand how to keep our

Books. Marketing means selling

To the first person

Who comes.  The first

Buds. Again. Always

Something of a surprise

Especially when we’re set

For  just a little snow a little’s


All we get this year but

The weather is hardly apt.

Is rarely accurate. Improving

You just can’t bank on

It. The swings

In temperature foreseeable

Futures but we don’t

Have to like them predications

Can be apt they are never



A garish evanescence.

What can we Ask

For The House. There’s

Some disagreement.

I say more some ways

Less you can’t tell

Until you say

The market is

Intransigent. By then

It’s always just too late.


Everything comes in

Its box at the yard sale.

Some of the pieces gone

Missing it bothers

Me. A no-fault

Situation. One thing

Misplaces another

When you didn’t

Notice. Or cycles that happened

While you worry about the trees


But of course you couldn’t

Avoid it any more

Than the standard

Signatories of the season

The first cherries forsythia

And so on. They’ve got

Nothing to do with

The increments of risk the little

Regulations of domestic care


Or premature disclosure or

Payment. Not

Boredom. Better to say

Frustration better to say

A delusional space an attic of desire.

Better to say we screwed

The pooch weren't thinking

Didn't foresee. Who did.

When questions are rhetorical

You'd better know


The answer. Who does.

That's what the papers are for

To prove things. I own

This you I don't own the kids

But my interest is proprietary

Jealous in the extreme

Of time attention whatever.

You can give I'll take. Not

That greed is good as the movie

Said only it denied it.  Yes.  I’ll believe it

Right to the brights of their eyes.