Emily Pettit
All Of The Animals Were There

My name-tag reads rabbit. I am

the best refrigerator ever. And other

things. Another thing. A multicellular

organism moving spontaneously.

It’s extreme and outrageous and happening

here. Extreme and outrageous conduct

causes a variety of things too maybe happen.

I freak out, freak out, freak out,

with a quiet mouth. Like light breaking

through. Like the wild and precise

thought a hawk has when it sees

an open animal. Here is my hand

shadow of a hawk. A silhouette

is what you see when something

is between you and light. Considerably

simplified. Investigations of this

behavior suggest a lot of nerve.

I keep my fire in the fire. Except

when I don’t. You learn a pattern.

You learn another pattern. We’re talking

imaginary practice. We're talking

secret parades. Someone says,

I am drinking water. I'm drinking water again.

I say, I want to be a good animal. What I mean

to say is, You are exactly where you are

supposed to be.