Mike Young
from Let's Build the Last Song and Sneak Away While Everyone is Listening


Sometimes I will melt a single gingersnap in the microwave
to wave back at the first time I did that, by accident, causing this
nervous yeti feeling to shove all my other feelings out of line and
pilot the rickety go-kart of my constitution into a hay stack
over and over again, laughing like he'd never heard of
himself before. If you want to eat my brain, please note:
it's mostly carbonation. Make your arms my arms and tease mirror
me, who can get to acting like he owns the place. Phase him out.
Wear your red spy coat and put your hand over my mouth.
When I'm with you it's like they made it weird in the marmalade.
What a new color scheme you've invited! You remind me of facts:
1) Tablecloths were originally intended as after meal face towels.
2) One color that does not occur in nature is "Cheetos orange."
3) The watermelon is actually a very clever fruit from the desert.
4) Pickles come to us by way of Viking fisherman Gillis Beukel,
name mispronounced by English villagers so grateful for his brine
that whenever they looked at the guy they were already fondly
replacing him with their fondness for him. See, there go all my
best stories. I'm naked now. You don't want to hear how good
you are. We both hate describing empathy as a bucket contest.
Grace you can see because grace is when you wear another person's
light. No one wants a lover who admires them, like they're done.
We want to wake the person we're next to and whisper "I can't make
it stop. Help." You know what I mean. With your legs around my waist,
dark in the kitchen, redwoods, cilantro, and Otis Redding's live version
of tenderness, the right version, the one we quit ourselves to know.